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It took all the guess work out

I have known Sara now for a year and a half. I’ve admired her as a personal trainer/fitness coach, dedicated to her craft, helping clients with their fitness and health goals. I especially took notice when she decided to train for a fitness competition. She was focused, determined and extremely motivated as she transformed her body into competition shape. She demonstrated the importance of proper nutrition and adhering to a strict plan to achieve her goals. So when she decided to start Real Prep Meal Prep I knew she would utilize those same traits to develop a good business. She knows how to meal prep and customize macros for specific achievements for dieting. For anyone’s goals and aspirations – competitor or just someone looking to eat healthier. As a Pro Bodybuilder, I know the importance of planning and organizing your meals for success. Sara had my meals together, measured and seasoned exactly how I needed. It took all the guess work out. What a convenience. I definitely will be utilizing Sara at Real Prep Meal Prep again for my meals for competition or daily life goals.

Avatar for Ron Stevens IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer
Ron Stevens IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer

So Delicious and Keeps Me On Track Daily

I’ve been healthy most of my life. This past year I turned 52 and competed for the first time ever. Being a single parent and working full time it was hard to get my prep meals in every day without taking up alot of my time. Using realmealprep meals changed my world. Not only are they convenient but so delicious and keeps me on track daily. Sara is so easy to work with and I highly recommend using this program for anyone that’s wants to be healthy and has a busy life.

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Lisa Sabin

Exactly What I needed for Competion

Sara at Real Prep Meal Prep has done amazing job dialing in my exact macro’s that I ask for! During my NPC competition prep the last thing I wanted to worry about or spend time doing is measuring and weighing all my meals to fit my specific needs. On top of the convenience, the taste and variety of the meals are outstanding. Sara being a personal trainer and competitor herself understands how important and detailed your macros need to be to hit your peak for a competition. Even though I am not in competition prep currently I continue to get my meals from Real Prep Meal Prep because the price, quality and convenience are worth it. So if you’re looking for a meal prep service to get you through your competition prep or just your every day healthy meals and goals then you need to contact Sara at Real Prep Meal Prep

Avatar for Justin Brown, NPC Men's Physique Competitor
Justin Brown, NPC Men's Physique Competitor

I Finally Started to See Results!

I have always struggled with my weight going up and down. I had the most difficult time losing weight after having my surrogate baby in 2019. I tried all sorts of diets and nutrition programs and then started going back to the gym. Unfortunately, nothing was working in my favor. I started to really feel down and was beating myself up over it. I had reached out to Sara through social media during some of this time as I had been following her for about 6 months or so. She gave me some advice, but I still wasn’t reaching any of my goals. I finally just said, “That’s it, I need help from a professional”. I reached out to Sara to help me with my nutrition and personal training. So, I started my journey with Sara in the summer of 2020 and come to find out, I was not taking in enough calories or eating the right foods to fuel my body for my goals. So, with Sara’s help and suggestions to eat more while staying consistent, I finally started to see results! My nutrition was on point and I made it a point to stick to the plan. Meal prepping became part of my routine. If I had any questions, especially about my nutrition, she was right there every step of the way to give me suggestions to try. I have become a little addicted to the gym and I am hitting my goals. Ifinally lost my 25lbs goal and gained muscle working Saras plans. She put me on the right path with my nutrition and meal prepping is a big part of that. I feel like me again, not feeling down and out about it all. Sara literally came in and changed my life and my outlook on a lot of things. You are not only a great personal trainer; you are an amazing person in general! It may be a little cheesy, but you’re my hero girl! Keep up the fabulous work. I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you so much Sara!

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Amber Lynn Hunt

Vastly surpassed EVERYONE’s wildest imagination of what she could achieve

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of being Sara’s first personal trainer ever, long before she started her own fitness journey a few years later. When she first came to me, she was overweight and out of shape, but filled with a ton of drive to reach her goals. As time progressed, I got to see her not only obtain all her goals, but vastly surpassed EVERYONE’s wildest imagination of what she could achieve. This is because Sara has the passion, drive, and hunger to be one of the top fitness professionals out there. Watching not only Sara grow, but her client’s also grow and have success, has made me very proud to say I was there in the beginning.

Eric Center

Manager Raw Fitness NW

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Eric Center

Now I am leaner and feeling much better and healthier all around!

When I started my work out with Sara, my eating habits were all out of wack. 80% of being successful when losing pounds is in the kitchen. Meal preps are so important to your success. Sara’s fitness program and meal preps will give you the success you’re looking for in a healthy life. After a few talks, Sara suspected I was over indulging in my favorite drink, milk, and that was the hardest to switch my habits to replacing with almond milk. Now for me today I really enjoy eating healthy and the almond milk just as much as drinking dairy. Once I did I started losing weight, inches even. Now I am leaner and feeling much better and healthier all around! She has transformed me into a beast! You are what you eat.

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Mark Norton

She has transformed several of her clients' bodies as well as their lives

Sara has worked at Snap Fitness for over three years, as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. I have seen both her own success in losing weight and putting on muscle and the grueling leaning out she had to do for a competition, as well as her success with her clients. She has transformed several of her clients’ bodies as well as their lives. We consider her a valuable member of our team here at Snap Fitness.

Mayi Reiss

SNAP Club Manager

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Mayi Reiss

100% Confident in Her Ability and Knowledge

As a former military physical training instructor I needed to find a trainer that could improve my core strength, help me prevent injury and bring me up to speed on modern training techniques as my training regime had become seriously out of date since my retirement.

Having set myself goals to achieve by my 50th birthday I had a meeting with Sara and she laid out a plan of action. Right from the start Sara went above and beyond my expectations. Her level of her knowledge, her attention and critiquing to my posture during training sessions has educated me on how to build on my stability and core strength and also focus on injury prevention at the same time and increasing muscle definition and all around stamina.

Sara has also a world of knowledge and experience on diet and nutrition and made sure that I was eating in ways to maximize my training results.

At the end of the day I wanted a trainer that would not only make me work hard but also smart due to my age.

I am 100% confident in her ability and knowledge and my results showed in less that a month training 3 days a week with her.

If you are determined to reach your goals she is the trainer for you. Qualified, dedicated, punctual, professional and very goal orientated.

Brett Sullivan

Retired British Army & Owner of Veteran Kayaks

Avatar for Brett Sullivan, Retired British Army & Owner of Veteran Kayaks
Brett Sullivan, Retired British Army & Owner of Veteran Kayaks

Changed My Life!

After becoming the dad of three young daughters back-to-back-to-back, I quickly developed the not so flattering dad-bod. What’s worse is that I felt like crap and couldn’t keep up with how much my kids wanted to play. I was finally fed up and got my nutrition and gym life in order! Thanks to Sara’s continued coaching and nutrition tips, I’m more than three years in to being the best version of myself I’ve ever been! Without her meal prep, my busy career and lifestyle would certainly lead back to bad habits and the wrong foods to keep me performing at the level I need. Do yourself a favor and let Sara get you dialed in! You won’t regret it! There’s nobody I know that gives as much heart, and cares about your success more than this girl!

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Jeff Helvin

Abs are made in the kitchen!

I have had the benefit of attending many of Sara’s group fitness classes, some one-on-one sessions with her and even group training sessions on the gym floor with up to 4 people at a time! While attentively leading a group with varied levels of fitness, Sara still adjusted moves to safely challenge limitations of each of us individually. I myself faced many while recovering from a shoulder injury. During our one-on-one work she narrowed the focus from a multilevel group to meeting a fitness milestone or overcoming a specific obstacle of mine. Her personal approach and care was truly encouraging. Knowing that she has set and met many of her own health and fitness goals is inspiring. She is very enthusiastic and supportive, her passion for her field is evident. While she avidly pushes to help clients meet goals she keeps stretching and proper form first and foremost; correcting posture, stance and grip to minimize risk of injury. Sara is keen on the importance of diet and nutrition to reaching health and fitness goals. “Abs are made inthe kitchen!” She consistently imparts general nutritional knowledge and hydration reminders within her classes to the public members at SNAP FITNESS, as well as offering specific, individualized support, supplement and meal ideas and meal prep services. She will do her absolute very best to help you meet your specific fitness goals, this I am sure.

Avatar for Stella Roknian
Stella Roknian

I Would Never Trust My Nutrition With Anyone Else!

As my coach and amazing friend, Sara took me to heights I never thought I could ever achieve!! I’ve been involved with health and fitness now for 45 years, and for as much as I thought I knew, I didn’t… and I owe all of that to her! Sara is the hardest working woman I have ever known with a passion and commitment to her craft of helping others second to none. She is an absolute genius when it comes to designing a plan specifically designed for you and your goals!!! I would never trust my design with anyone else!!!

Avatar for Louis Carouso, NPC Men's Physique Competitor
Louis Carouso, NPC Men's Physique Competitor

Best Coach Ever

Sara started training when I was midway of fitness journey. At the time, I was 278lbs and was still 40lbs from goal. I was stuck in a plateau and have severe diabetes and with her help I lost the last 40lbs as well as the Dr. lowered my medication from how healthy I became eating clean foods and learning to balance and portion my meals. When I met her she had a drive, a passion and a professionalism that I’ve never seen before. Her dedication and support is unrivaled. Sara has a passion for wanting people to be at their best and she gets everything out of you. From the meal preps to the exercise routines to tiniest of details in lifting techniques and nutrition suggestions. I believe that you will achieve your goal and then some by hiring her as I’ve witnessed her change and help many people over the years now . Here I stand today, 234lbs, 12.3% body fat, and the healthiest I’ve ever looked and felt in my entire life and I owe it all to Sara.

Avatar for Ernest Ferrier, Jr.
Ernest Ferrier, Jr.

So glad I tried it!

I’m so grateful to find this meal prep company @realprepmealprep. I never wanted to use any meal prep company until I met Sara. I did not trust anyone to prepare my competition meals. After I tried samples of the bison and chicken, I decided it was time to try it. Not only does Sara do perfect measurements, she delivers on time and even checks on me time to time make sure if I’m satisfied with my meals. She is a competitor as well, so she know how important meal measurement accuracy is. She is a super kind and responsible/reliable caring person. I now realize how much time I save not doing meal prep and groceries shopping – so much less stress !!!😆👍🏼. Now I can focus more on training and posing. I highly recommend you try it out, even if you are not a competitor, but just to stay healthy and fit 👍🏼💪🏼!

Avatar for Sachi Butler - NPC Physique Competitor
Sachi Butler - NPC Physique Competitor
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